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You're a Sports Dog!

You are an adventure seeking action packed dog.  You live for the dog park and you love playing, running, fetching, and anything that keeps you moving.  Ain't nothin' gonna hold you back! Here are Smart Cookie recommendations for you based on your lifestyle and doggie personality:

Here's why these ingredients rock:

  • Beef - it's not just for dinner. High enough in protein and fat to keep them going through even the most nar-dog days.
  • Quinoa - it's a nutritional powerhouse. 'Nuff said.
  • Salmon - who can bring their A-game without some fatty acids? Lube up those joints!
  • Carrots & Cranberries - yes, they are grrrrrreat for your dog too! #betacarotene
  • Oats - because inflamed joints aren't cool, dawg. Oats to the rescue.
  • Green Beans & Blueberries - better than a box of Wheaties.

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