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You're a Prima Dogna!

Look out paparazzi, you're walking down the red carpet and shine in the spotlight.  You love spending time with your human, and getting pampered is the meaning of life.  I mean, who doesn't love all that extra attention?  Here are Smart Cookie recommendations for you based on your lifestyle and doggie personality:

Here's why you'll just love these ingredients:

  • Rabbit - low-fat, hypoallergenic, and picky pooches just love this stuff.
  • Salmon - shiny coats look best in the spotlight. Duh!
  • Barley - slowly digestible to help them maintain that flattering figure.
  • Carrots & Cranberries - #omg #talkaboutpuppyeyes
  • Quinoa - pampered pups rejoice! It's grain-free AND gluten-free!
  • Chicken - They may be a princess, but they still need their meat.
  • Green Beans & Blueberries - better than Botox.
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