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You're a Survivor!

You are one awesome pooch who has seen it all.  You and your human have been around the block a time or two but you're still a puppy at heart, and definitely know your way around the dog park.  Here are Smart Cookie recommendations for you based on your lifestyle and doggie personality:

Here's why these are healthy ingredients for your faithful companion:

  • Chicken - you can't go wrong with this healthy low-fat classic.
  • Oats - awesome anti-inflammatory properties for joints and mobility.
  • Green Beans & Blueberries - free-radical fighting super-hero antioxidants.
  • Rabbit - low-cholesterol, 100% USA - isn't it time to start enjoying the finer things in life?
  • Carrots & Cranberries - vitamins and minerals for a bright mind and healthy body.

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