The Freshest Ingredients

Get ready for a whole new level of begging.

Smart Cookie Dog Treats are made with all natural, high-quality ingredients.  Smart Cookies are freshly baked dog treats, and our ingredients are sourced from local farms whenever possible. 

We use organic quinoa, organic brown rice, and organic flax seed in our treats, and we mill our own grain, ensuring each treat is made using the freshest ingredients. 

There are no by-products of any kind used in Smart Cookie dog treats. 

The beef, chicken, salmon and rabbit are all human-grade proteins. In fact, the rabbit we use for our Rabbit Jerky is the same rabbit served in many high-end restaurants. 

Our dog treats are wheat free, corn free, and soy free since those ingredients can cause common allergic reactions in dogs.  Fresh fruits and veggies are used to maximize nutritional benefits, and our treats are free of preservatives.  They are naturally preserved by going through a two-step process of baking and dehydrating.

Smart Cookie Dog Treats are made in the USA, in Denver, Colorado, so you know when your treats arrive they will have been freshly baked for your dog. These tail-waggin’, lip-smackin’ ingredients are sure to please your pooch and keep them demanding more. Verified Reviews Badge
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