Pet Holiday Calendar for 2015

Happy New Year! Ever wonder when "International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day" is? Did you know such a wonderful day existed?! There are all sorts of national pet holidays like "National Hug Your Cat Day" or "National Mutt Day!"  You have to love excuses for giving your pets an extra treat or two to celebrate, and some of these days bring awareness to some important issues, so here are some fun and good-to-know pet holidays you can add to your calendar...

2015 Calendar of Pet Holidays

2nd - National Pet Travel Safety Day
14th - National Dress Up Your Pet Day

14th - Pet Theft Awareness Day
20th - Love Your Pet Day (isn't that every day?!)
22nd - Walking The Dog Day
23rd - International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (See? We told you it was real!)
24th - World Spay Day

13th - K9 Veterans Day
23rd - National Puppy Day

11th - National Pet Day
25th - Hairball Awareness Day / World Veterinarian Day
26th - National Kids & Pets Day
29th - International Guide Dog Day
30th - National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

3rd - National Specially-abled Pets Day
8th - National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

4th - Hug Your Cat Day
9th - World Pet Memorial Day
26th - Take Your Dog to Work Day

15th - Pet Fire Safety Day
20th - Get Out of the Doghouse Day (this could be both for the humans and pets!)
31st - National Mutt Day #1

1st - DOGust Universal Birthday to Shelter Dogs
15th - International Homeless Animal Day
17th - National Black Cat Appreciation Day
22nd - Take Your Cat to the Vet Day
26th - National Dog Day

13th - National Pet Memorial Day
19th - Puppy Mill Awareness Day
23rd - Dogs in Politics Day (Checkers Day)
28th - World Rabies Day

4th - World Animal Day
16th - National Feral Cat Day
29th - National Cat Day

A month to be thankful for your furbabies!

2nd - National Mutt Day #2!