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Great product!

My dog loves it.

Ellie loves her Functional Dog Treats!

As a post walk treat or afternoon snack, or times in between, Ellie’s eyes light up when I give her one of the Functional Dog Treats. This gives her an assortment of nutrients for her skin and coat to look shiny. Her joints and muscles are fortified and she has the energy to take on the sidewalks and trails in our area. For variety, I break one up and sprinkle it with her food. She has enjoyed these healthy treats for years. Thank you, Smart Cookie!

Rabbit jerky

The dogs love them. So nice to find a single ingredient treat for them.

Great product

sampler pack...ohhhh so yummy!

my dogs love these soft chewy treats!
i use them for training. they work harder for these and they are easy to split apart which is great.

Meal Success

Our doggo has requires some dietary changes due to some health issues related to aging and isn't too fond of the new food. The Dog Food Toppers have been a wonderful tool for her to eat more regularly. It's somewhat surprising how much she loves the veggie topper, but as long as she's eating we're happy.

The only jerky my dog loves

These are the ONLY treats my IBD dog can eat and he loves them. Also, huge shout out to Smart Cookie... we ran dangerously low on these over Christmas and placed a panicked urgent order which they shipped promptly AND popped an extra bag in for free. Customer service above and beyond!

Good Product

Most dog treats are full of ingredients other than what you are looking for. This is what it says it is. When you have a dogs that is allergic to many things, this is perfect. One or two ingredients instead of a bunch of stuff they don't need and can't eat. Thanks for making a good product.

Skin + Coat Dog Treats

Delicious! (Or so I assume)

My dogs love this sampler. I'm not sure if they can't decide which they like best, or if they just don't have refined palates, but they are always eager to gobble them up when I hand them out.

The only treats for my allergy pup

My dog is allergic to almost everything and has moderate IBD. When she was pup on an all rabbit diet I scrambled to find treats to give her. Smart Cookie was a perfect solution and she not only LOVES them but they don’t cause her to flare up. Smart Cookie Rabbit Jerky have been a life saver for my sweet girl.

Dogs love treats

Dogs love these healthy treats! So glad we found out about your company. Seems to be easy on their digestive system!

My dogs love them!

Since I don't actually allow my dogs to catch rabbits, this is the closest they can get to them. And, they love these treats. Some of their favorites!

My dog and I love these treats

We found them at a farmers market in Colorado. Tried all the flavors and now order them on line

Breakfast Dog Food Topper

My fur baby is crazy about it!

Muttstletoe treats.

Dogs LOVE them! Great name! Healthy ingredients.

Great tasty treats the dogs love

I like these treats for special rewards as the dogs find them very tasty. I like that they are soft and small.

Central Lowlands Rabbit + Pumpkin Dog Treats

Food toppers

Dogs love these! Healthy ingredients!

My dog loves these!

My 9.5 lb chi mix rescue has some serious food allergies and missing most of his teeth (he’s a senior) so I’ve been searching for soft treats that have ingredients that are healthy, made in small batches in the US, with limited number of ingredients - stumbled upon Smart Cookie on Amazon, they are a hit with our little guy! We ordered more treats direct from Smart Cookie along with the rabbit + pumpkin and boar + squash. Tried all 3, no problems at all with allergies. We will be stocking up so we don’t run out. Thanks Smart Cookie!

Rocky Mountain Trout + Apple Dog Treats


My lab went over the top with these. I will definitely be buying more.

Food Toppers

Our dogs absolutely love the food toppers! We have an older dog who’s getting picky about eating and now eats right away with the toppers!!! This is the best product. Thank you!!!

Dog didn’t eat - too hard

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