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Pet will not eat any of these treats

Pet will not eat the treats? How do I get a refund? Thanks!


My dogs love all the variety of toppers. And I love the fact that I am adding something beneficial & healthy to their food.

My Pup Perks Up For These!

My aging furball needs all the support he can get - and these semi-soft treats are easy on his teeth and hopefully are helping with joint support as he moves through his golden years.

Soft Treats Great For Older Dog

I love the good ingredients, my pup loves the good taste and soft texture of these treats! :-)

Shrimp & coconut

Puppy loves these treats. Older (very picky )
Dog says NOPE

Silly Rabbit Sticks are for dogs!

Oh my! She can’t wait until I give her these. At first she was like this isn’t a bone. I wanted her to have healthier treats. Now, she is obsessed. Thank you so much for creating healthier treats my dog absolutely loves!!!

My ShihTsu Loves Smart Cookie!

After searching for a type of treat my ShihTsu could eat without developing pancreatitis, we discovered these treats from Smart Cookie and they are great! She eats them and digests them well. So happy to have them for her!

Best treats ever

Our dog loves these treats. She doesn't really like anything else consistently. These are the best and we give it 5 stars.

Rabbit & Pumpkin Grain Free Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs & Allergies

Doggy loves em!

Always seeking for treats that are pure ingredients, no additives. Our dog LOVES the jerky. Sometimes we break it up, other times we give her the whole thang. Will prob add to our subscription.

Oliver loves you 🐩

Ordered and quickly received the three jerky types. Salmon, rabbit, and duck along with the shrimp coconut bites. Our picky standard poodle absolutely loves them all.

Soft & Chewy Dog Treat Variety Pack is a big hit!

I ordered the Soft & Chewy Dog Treat Variety Pack - 5 Flavors about a week ago, received them in 2 days and my dogs LOVE them! In fact, the Coconut Shrimp is too good, can't use it for training because getting another one is all my dog thinks about ;)

Flips for these!

I wanted some healthy treats for my dogs. She loves these. At first she was reluctant because she wants junk, but now she absolutely loves them! She can’t wait until I open the locker for them. She will literally sit by it when she knows what time it is. She knows the exact time of day. Lol!

My dog loves these!

Our little rescue has few teeth and pancreatitis, so I tried these treats after realizing the problem was former treats. She loves them, and we cut them in smaller pieces so she can eat them easily. Her pancreatitis is under control and her poop is normal. I wish they were less expensive, but our fur baby gets the best!

Soft & Chewy Dog Treat Variety Pack - 4 Flavors

Rabbit Jerky Dog Treats

Max Loves his rabbit jerky treats. He is 14 + years young and weighs <10 lbs.
I cook for him and he is sensitive to many foods. He looks forward to his treats everyday and knows when it's time! I also Love supporting your company; it's refreshing to see your company in action when we come to pick up our order.
Thank you so Much! Mary and Max

Malachi loves them!

It is so refreshing to find wholesome treats for my pet. Sometimes I think he goes out the door, turns around and comes right back in knowing this treat will be waiting for him.

Great cookies

Love the fact these are healthy and my dog loves them! So happy she now has a healthy alternative!

Luna loves these treats!

We were trying to find a lower calorie alternative to our dog's nightly treat and this was a hit and is well within her daily calorie intake goal.

Rabbit Jerky Dog Treats

Cat loves these

These treats were recommended by my vet nutritionist because my cat has diabetes and IBD. I have to be careful of what I feed him due to his sensitive stomach. He loves the rabbit jerky.


My poodle, Benni, has been on a limited ingredient prescription rabbit and potato diet for his liver issue. I searched for a 100% rabbit treat I could give him and decided on the Smart Cookie Bakery brand. He loves the rabbit jerky and I trust the pure and wholesome ingredients found in their dog products. Both Benni and I are happy customers!

My Dog Liked It

My dog ate one but later she wasn't feeling well. I've only tried one and I intend to try another time. It's a little early for a review.


My dog absolutely loves these treats. Simple ingredients and made in America!!

Veggie topper

My dog loves the veggie topper. She has digestive issues and cannot have animal protein currently. This is a great addition to add some calories and extra nutrients to her food. Verified Reviews Badge
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