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Superfood Dog Food Topper is the remedy for picky eating!

My dog digs right in to her meals when I add the Superfood Dog Food Topper. No longer concerned about her turning up her nose and walking away from her bowl, or moving on to check out what is in the cat’s bowl. Now I have to watch out for the cat, who must find this mix appealing. He will sniff at the dog’s bowl hoping for some leftovers. Wish you made a version of this for cats. Pleased with this purchase!

Great recipe

My dogs loved the rabbit, trout and wild boar treats !

Awesome product

My kids love it!

Lowlands Rabbit is a favorite

Dash really appreciates the Rabbit and Pumpkin - they are soft and chewy and easy to digest for him - he gets them just before bedtime and when he's being an extra good boy.

rocky mountain trout & apple dog treats

The Boys say, YUM!

Great service

Order was lost by usps, as soon as it was noticed they corrected the issue and sent it UPS!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!


My two dogs love the breakfast topper. Just ordered some for my grand dog.

Breakfast food topper

My Yorkie and Schnorkie Love it. I will buy it again.

My pup loves these treats!

We always keep them in stock. We have tried the Rabbit and Pumpkin and are looking forward to trying the other two!

Babies Enjoy!!

Ordered all 4 have only tested 3 of them and my babies enjoy very much! Love that you can rehydrate or sprinkle dry.
Thank you Smart Cookie!!

Rabbit Jerky Favorite!

Rabbit Jerky is Lucy’s favorite snack! I feel good giving her all the healthy treats she loves from Smart Cookie!

breakfast doggy food topper

so far my very picky boys will eat this! hope this continues.....:)

Breakfast and Dinner toppers

My two dogs love these new toppers. They look forward to their meals. I am going to order a topper for my grand dog. I will be ordering more.

Smart Cookie Treats

Pippin is NOT a picky eater...but loves to work puzzles (and the treats inside). Started putting Dog Food Topper in his "games" and he is loving it!!

Quality Product

This is a quality antler, but my Golden isn’t passionate about it as o hoped. He does like it, but not as interested as I hoped.

Awesome company

I place an order and it's filled immediately and shipped. The personnel are wonderful and the most important thing is, my dog loves their treats. When my dog is happy, I'm happy.
Brie will help you with orders and explain the products.

Training treats

I bought these for my daughter. She got 2 new puppies. She said they loved them!

He loves it!

Bought these for my dog and he loves them! I think they’re a great size for a treat also.

My dog and granddogs really seem to like them and I appreciate how healthy they are.

A hit with Gracie

Another variety added to the treat cabinet. Gracie likes them!

My dogs favorite treats!

My dogs go absolutely crazy over these treats! Our 2 mini Aussie’s had several teeth pulled and the soft treats work great for them...

Awesome treats

My dogs love these treats

Awesome dog treats!

My dog can't get enough of these treats! I had to hide them from her.


My dog loves these treats. Very happy with them. They break easily and can be used as rewards in training.

The Treat of Treats!!

My German Shepherd, Max the Wonder Dog, LOVES these treats. He has a sensitive stomach and they do not aggravate it in the least. Wonderful product!! Thank you VERY much!! Verified Reviews Badge
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