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Great Cookie Style Treats!

I love being able to give a non messy, good sized biscuit type treat to the pups for bed time or after a run or during a hike and it’s so great to know the ingredients in these are fueling them well. Pups love them!

My dog’s favorite treat!

These are my dog’s favorite treat. She loves these! Highly recommend.

2 Years of Doggie Bliss!

Huge difference in my mini aussie!

We started our mini aussie on the hip and joint last summer and it wasn't very long at all until we noticed a huge difference in the way he could get around. He's 14+ yrs old. We recently had to give him a few arthritis pills but will not want to give up our hip and joint! Right now he can eat the cookies just fine but was hoping you could develop a softer version for when the day comes he can't eat the hard ones. Just an idea. thanks for creating this for our best friend!

Excellent product, service and delivery

Thank you

Tricks for Treats

So yummy that we got some of the best tricks yet...and variety pack kept it fun. Thank you!


My dogs are obsessed with these toppers! They've been bored with the same food...and now I can sprinkle a little something special and different on top in the morning and evening...they can't stop licking their chops :) And best thing is that I know it's good for them because it's from Smart Cookie! THANK YOU!

Rabbit jerky

My dog loves the rabbit jerky!!! Great training cookie!!

Rabbit Jerky Dog Treats

The BEST Dog Food Topper

Smart Cookie Barker dog food toppers are outstanding! Whether it’s the Breakfast, Dinner, Veggie, or SuperFood blend, my dogs salivate when they see it being added to their meal. A must try!

Charlie’s favorite treat

Our little Charlie has food allergies, so rabbit is what he eats. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find treats for him. These are the first treats I found and he absolutely loves them. They are his favorite thing and he expects to have this treat every day after his afternoon walk. I make sure we never run out.

Rabbit Jerky

If you could see my dog running to her bed to receive her after-walk treat you’d know how much she loves these.

Dog's Favorite Treats

My dog loves the rabbit jerky treats and would probably be one of his favorite treats out there.

Regional Bites

My dogs absolutely LOVE these treats. The Regional Bites are soft, so they make a perfect treat for my older dogs, with fewer teeth, and the youngsters who are teething. With three flavors to choose from, it’s so hard to decide which is a favorite!!! My furry kids Love them all.

They were a big hit!

My grand dog loved them!

Great treats

Puppies love new soft bite cookies!

My puppies favorite treats! Homemade in Golden Colorado. Healthy ingredients! Love the small soft bites. Chloe always new where to find them at the farmers market ❤️

Excellent treats!

Rabbit jerky

Both our picky dogs love this treat.

My picky corgi

My corgi is such a picky eater, and we have gone back and forth on so many types of food and food toppers that would entice him to eat but still be healthy for him. The reality is that most food toppers are not healthy and he would gain weight very easily. Then I tried these food toppers after finding them while scrolling through Chewy, he will eat his food now with no problem! He actually looks forward to his mealtime! And I love that these food toppers are all dehydrated whole ingredients, my main concern with his food was the ingredients since he would have a bad reaction to any food with chicken. So it was great to see that the two meat options were beef and fish with no chicken additives. Because they are dehydrated it makes for easy keep, and the scooper is an added bonus. These food toppers have changed everything for the better, and I’m so happy to have found them! Thank you!!

Top Notch

My dog has always had a hard time eating due to his previous owners. I have had him 7 years, and with the food topper we dont
have to hand feed him. It has been life changing for us, thank you so much.

Introduced to them at a farmers market

My Newfoundland mix loves all the flavors. Love supporting small businesses

It’s an exciting day when the smart cookie box arrives. Luke and Diesel love them!

Veggie and Superfood Dog Food Topper Variety Pack

Jerky Treats Fantastic

These rabbit jerky dog treats are fabulous! I have one little dog with barely any teeth and she still loves them because they are nice and thin. Thank you so much for such a good product, I will be ordering lots more. Verified Reviews Badge
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