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Boat and Sweet Potato

My dog loves them !!

Our standard poodle loves the rabbit jerky

Our Lucy goes bananas for the rabbit jerky strips!

Leo loves these treats

Great product

Great stuff!

Love the ingredients of these toppers and my dog loves the taste! I serve a scoop as a side with his home cooked meats and kibbles and he eats it all up!

Dogs love it!

Very happy with purchase. Received quickly and packaging is great for freshness. The dogs love it on their food. Three very satisfied pups!!!

Breakfast Dog Food Topper

Rabbit jerky

My dog loves these

Skin + Coat Dog Treats

Best treats ever!

My Maltese is 10 years old. In 10 years I've only found one treat that he'll eat. That is until I visited my daughter in Denver and found these treats in a local store. He absolutely looses his mind when I pick this bag of treats up! So a big thank you from Snickers in Wisconsin!

Tasty AND Low fat

My dog who has pancreatitis must have low-fat food. It's a struggle finding treats under 10% fat content. These are only 1% and are tasty good!!!

Good stuff

My dog isn’t as impressed with one of the flavors I chose this time, but the other is fine. Wish there was a shop nearby I could pick this up in rather than order online.

Soft & Chewy Dog Treat Variety Pack - 4 Flavors

My dogs love these treats

Both my dogs, including my finicky one, love these treats.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

My dog is allergic to EVERYthing except rabbit, brewer's yeast, and eggs. Up to this point, I've been buying whole rabbits--at $10 a pound--butchering the meat into strips, and making my own jerky from the meat. These strips aren't cheap, but they save me hours of work. My dog seems to like them just as much as the whole rabbit treats, and, most importantly, doesn't seem to react to them.

Great customer service and awesome healthy treats!!

Rabbit Jerky

Our dog loves these and we are grateful for the quality and purity of the product. Speedy delivery was a plus.

Tasty Treats for the Season

While her people are enjoying turkey, pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce, Ellie can snack on her delicious Muttstletoe and Rabbit and Pumpkin treats. Yum!

Allergy Starter

I got these rabbit snacks for my dog because they are a novel protein and my dog has food allergies. She eats rabbit because it is a novel protein and does not bother her allergies. Her food allergies manifest into ear infections and licking of her paws. She loved the snacks but after only one snack her ear became inflamed. If your dog has allergies be advised even though these are a novel protein and tasty it might cause allergic reaction in your pet.

High Quality, Low Fat

So happy to have found your product! My dog has Addison's and Pancreatitis. She requires a low fat diet. She is on Prednisone for the Addison's, which increases her appetite. She LOVES your treats. Thank you!

Dog loves the Jerky

Love this product

Breakfast and Dinner Dog Food Topper Variety Pack

A very picky pup.

Jules is a very picky eater but she really does like the rabbit jerky. I'll be ordering more. Verified Reviews Badge
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