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Dogs love them

I have 3 dogs and was skeptical on the flavor combo. But all 3 absolutely love this flavor. So much drool!! Its a big hit in this house!

Yum yum

My dog loves the Trout and Apple treats.

My 5 dogs love them!

Great product. Very healthy and the dogs love them.

All 5 rate 5!

Have 4 dogs & everyone seems happy with all 5 flavors! 😊

Excellent treats

My dogs love every flavor. Such great little treats.

Yummy and healthy

My pup loves these and I feel good about giving him something that's healthy and is made of limited ingredients

The best

Wild Boar & Sweet Potato Grain Free Dog Treats are my dogs favorite treat. We were getting them from Chewys but they only show them out of stock now. I looked at Smaft Cookie Dog Treats web site and ordered a good supply for our dog. They arrived in less than a week and my dog is very grateful.

My dog and cat love these treats!

My dog is spoiled with these treats. The cat gets a little piece too.
They are all I buy for my dog, mainly because the ingredients are so good.
Thank you Smart Cookie Barkery!

Moosey LOVES these

My 4.5 lb poodle Moose LOVES these treats. Neither of us gets sleep unless he gets his snack in bed before lying down for the night. I must never run out!! 😵‍💫😂🥰

Cost effective treats and our 2 YO Barbet pup loves to train with them

Nothing to say except our pup Hava loves these things.
I trust they’re pretty good for her as well.

My dog loves these!

My dog has quite a few allergies, so finding treats for him was tough. Not only do these treats have limited ingredients, but he loves them. I use them for nose work classes and any time he needs a little extra boost. Very glad I found them.

Liver lover

Murphy loves everything we have purchased so far. He was recently diagnosed with several allergies so it was nice to find a company with so many options for him to enjoy❤️🐾

Both of my little dogs devoured the treats.

I have one that has stomach issues and he throws up most “dog cookies“ and all “rawhide“ type products.
All three of your “variety pack” products seem to be easily digestible, so I have a happy dog I can reward with an occasional healthy treat, and no mess to clean up.

A bit pricey, but I know exactly what’s in them, where they’re made. Totally worth it.


Rabbit Jerky ttraining treats

My dog loves the treats, but 1 bag was mostly crumbs. I would not buy the small pieces again. It breaks easy enough to get the whole jerky pieces.

New customer

My dogs are crazy for these!! I can break them up for training so I love them too

100% Pup approved!

I bought this at the Parker Farmers Market in Colorado and took it back to IL for my pup. The ingredients sold me, but it also smells amazing and my dog LOVES it! I will be buying more.

Soft & Chewy Dog Treat Variety Pack - 4 Flavors

English Bully Love

The dog treats from Smart Cookie are great and my boy loves them. Easy to cut into smaller pieces to give him on our Training walks!!!

Lolly loves these treats!

My dog loves these treats and will actually turn away if I try to give her something different. They also help with her sensitive stomach issues.

Great, healthy treats!

My dog Boston Rob LOVES these treats!

Love the fact that this is family-owned genuine ingredients my dogs love them

Great training treat

Our pup nearly does back flips for these tasty treats!

Superfood Dog Topper

The turmeric addition is great for my older dog with angry joints and a picky appetite!

Something smells gooooood!!!!!!

My Golden Retriever just loves these little "snackies". He didn't hesitate at all to eat them. Great product! Will order more.

Freeze Dried Beef Liver Bites