How to help your dog get in better shape

It's shredding season for your dog.  

Okay, maybe not exactly. BUT, we are at the point in the new year where we have to reckon with the choices we made over the holiday season. And by proxy, some of the choices we made for our pets. If you were a little too generous with leftovers or treats during the holidays, it’s totally fine. We’re all in the same boat.

So, as we work toward our fitness goals this year, why leave our dogs behind? Below are some tips on how to help your dog get in better shape this season. The best part? You don’t have to be stingy with treats!

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1. Supercharge your dog’s kibble

You can add more nutrients and superfoods to your dog’s meal without having to spend on pricey upgrades to their kibble. Adding a superfood topper or a veggie dog food topper to kibble increases its nutritional value with ingredients like salmon, quinoa, flax seeds, chia seeds, oats, coconut, kale and spinach. Plus it helps you ration kibble better. That way, your pup’s eating a little bit of everything instead of a lot of just one thing.

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2. Treat your dog smarter

Treats don’t always have to be unhealthy junk made with filler ingredients. Start introducing your dog to functional treats that focus on specific areas of development. 

For example, if you have an exercise-averse dog (we’ve all met those), you might wanna bring in some endurance treats as rewards for a long walk.

Similarly, other functional treats can focus on hip and joint health or skin and coat health.

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3. Address holistic health needs

Pay close attention to foods your dog likes and doesn’t, or foods that sit well with them and those that don’t. Keep an eye on allergies, discomfort or perceived fussiness. A lot of dogs spend a majority of their lives with undiagnosed allergies or food-related concerns. To play it safe, you could switch to hypoallergenic dog treats or treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs.


4. Quality over quantity

Dogs have been outdoor animals for centuries. They need their exercise (albeit, some more than others). Try to find open spaces near you where they can run around and mingle with other dogs. Whether it’s a long laidback walk, or a shorter, more intense exercise - both are beneficial for your pup - and you!

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