Smart Cookie's Picks for the Puppy Bowl XIX

Sunday’s almost here and America is on the edge of its seat again. Who will emerge victorious? Who will live to regret the day? Who will claim the prestigious Lombarky Trophy?

That’s right, the Puppy Bowl is back and this year’s pups are cuter than ever before. One look at them, and we were ready to run headfirst into an NFL linebacker to give them some treats

Smart Cookie’s resident expert, Kevin Barkhardt, has put together a list of contenders for this year’s MVP (Most Valuable Pup) at the Puppy Bowl XIX.

As a reminder, two teams face off against each other—Team Ruff and Team Fluff. Official Puppy Bowl rules state that athletes can only be between 12 and 21 weeks old, and must be shown to be well-socialized with humans and other pups.

(Note: If you’re looking to train your pup for the Puppy Bowl, might we suggest Smart Cookie’s training treats for dogs?)

Let’s get into it!:

Jimmy Kibble - TEAM RUFF

Jimmy Kibble - TEAM RUFF

Image Courtesy the official Puppy Bowl website

A bonafide star, Jimmy Kibble is ready to take Puppy Bowl by storm on Sunday. He’s a Pomeranian / Husky mix and hails from the Florida Little Dog Rescue Group. He’s easily our favorite Jimmy on TV.


Marmalade - TEAM FLUFF

Marmalade puppy - TEAM FLUFF

Image Courtesy the official Puppy Bowl website

Marmalade comes from Double J Dog Ranch in Hauser, Idaho. She was born deaf and vision-impaired, but she’s the sweetest little girl and leaves it all on the field for her team, every single time. 


Moocow - TEAM RUFF

Moocow puppy - TEAM RUFF

Image Courtesy the official Puppy Bowl website

Some players are just unpredictable, and that’s what makes them so dangerous to opponents. Moocow the Shih Tzu comes from Bosley’s Place in Georgia, and armed with fast movement and sharp vision, he’s going to be a constant, cuddly threat on the field.



asiago dog - team fluff

Image Courtesy the official Puppy Bowl website

Asiago’s a basset hound rescue from New Jersey. We want to talk about his technical skills, but just look at his face first. That’s the face of a winner. He could just stand there, stare into your soul and make an interception happen.



Joey puppy - team ruff

Image Courtesy the official Puppy Bowl website

This terrier from the Vintage Pet Rescue in Foster, Rhode Island, rounds off our list. He’s a fast boi and his wheels help him zip around the field with ease. One of the best (treat) receivers in the modern game, in our opinion!


On a slightly serious note

The Puppy Bowl has always partnered with rescues and non-profits. That’s what makes it so enjoyable for us—seeing pups get a chance at a better life. If you’d like to partner with dog rescues or shelters here in Colorado, here are the ones we especially love:

Foothills Animal Shelter

Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue


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