Custom Treats - How It Works:

Smart Cookie Dog Treats puts the power of choice into your hands. Our line of Custom Treats is personalized pet nutrition at it's finest. We allow you to choose the ingredients
you want in your dog's treats so each treat is formulated with your dog in mind. Made with simple and wholesome ingredients that play a functional role in your dog's lifestyle,
these will be your dog's new favorite treat. Go ahead, create a treat - nourish a lifestyle.
















Personalized Dog Treats

Step 1. Choose Your

Protein - Beef
Protein - Beef


  • Perfect for active dogs
  • Supports tissue repair
Protein - Chicken
Protein - Chicken


  • A low-fat option
  • All-natural, free-range
Protein - Salmon
Protein - Salmon


  • Great for their skin and coat
  • Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids
Plus Plus

Step 2. Choose Your

Carb - Barley
Carb - Barley


  • Keeps them fuller longer
  • Slowly digestible starch
Carb - Oats
Carb - Oats


  • Great for older dogs
  • Supports joint health
Carb - Rice
Carb - Rice

Brown Rice

  • A good all-around staple
  • Gluten Free
Carb - Quinoa
Carb - Quinoa


  • Nutritional Powerhouse
  • A high protein seed
Plus Plus

Step 3. Choose Your

Vegetable/Fruit - Blueberry/Green Beans
Vegetable/Fruit - Blueberry/Green Beans

Blueberries & Green Beans

  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins A & C
Vegetable/Fruit - Raspberry/Carrot
Vegetable/Fruit - Cranberry/Cranberry

Cranberries & Carrots

  • Urinary tract health
  • Supports eyes & vision
Equal Equal
Bake My Treat

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