3 New Functional Dog Treat Varieties Too Delicious (and healthy) to Miss!

Stack of all natural dehydrated treats by Smart Cookie BarkeryPersonalized pet nutrition is what we do.  Every dog is unique which is the whole basis of our Custom Treats - you get to pick the ingredients you want in your dogs treats based on their preference, dietary restrictions, or lifestyle.  However, with so many delicious ingredients to choose from, how can you ever make a decision?!  Well, we've made it even easier for you to enjoy some of our delicious custom and favorite treats for dogs.  Drum roll please...

Introducing 3 new functional dog treat variety packs from yours truly, Smart Cookie Barkery!

1) Treats for Joint Support:

These treats are made with senior dogs in mind, or those that may need some joint support (who doesn't?) These Joint Support treats for dogs are formulated with ingredients that not only have anti-inflammatory properties, and naturally occurring glucosamine, but are also easy to digest and are sure to make your dog beg for more! (Click each product to learn more and shop!)

2) Skin & Coat Treats for Dogs:

Who doesn't love shining in the spotlight? These treats are perfect to boost your dog's skin and coat with ingredients like salmon - loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids, Oats to relieve any itching, and fruits and veggies chalk full of antioxidants.  Your dog will feel radiant and show-stopping with these treats designed for their skin and coat. (Click each product to learn more and shop!)

3) Treats for Active Dogs:

Running, jumping, fetching, playing, swimming, hiking, camping, and chasing their tail... sound like your dog? If so, then our sampler pack of treats for active dogs is perfect for you.  These treats are powerhouse treats.  High in protein with lots of healthy fats, these dog treat energy bars will be sure to keep your dog on their A-game. (Click each product to learn more and shop!)