October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - We Need Your Help!

$1 from every bag of "The Survivor" sold throughout the month of October will be donated to Breast Cancer research!  Here's Why...

golden retriever wearing pink sunglasses for breast cancer awareness monthIn February 2012, Bri Bradley (one of the owners of Smart Cookie Dog Treats) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 24 years old.  Earlier that year, Bri and her husband, Scott, learned that their Australian Shepherd "Ruger" was battling terminal lymphoma.  In the midst of a family-wide health lock down, healthy, handmade dog treat recipes were concocted in their kitchen, specifically formulated for Ruger, which also helped keep their minds off of it all. Fast forward 3 years, Bri is cancer-free and Smart Cookie Dog Treats is now a family owned and operated business with the most popular treat being "The Survivor" - named after Bri and Ruger, made with ingredients to help keep away those free-radical ninjas. 

Help us raise funds for the University of Colorado Breast Cancer Research Program!  Without the amazing advances these doctors have made, and others like them, young women's breast cancer would continue to go undetected.  They have made incredible strides over the last few years in learning more about why certain types of breast cancer effect individuals and are then able to personalize that person's treatment specifically to their needs.