It’s a Dog’s Christmas

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Dog a Stocking

1. Weapons of Xmas Destruction: Shortly after your dog realizes there is nothing under the tree for him, he begins to devour the garland on the tree. After ingesting several feet of the festive decoration in protest, you rush him to the vet, he gets the cone of shame, he’s rejected by his dog-park pack, gets depressed and runs away to join a polka-dancing band. Get your dog a stocking and avoid a polka-dancing dog.

2. Avoid Mr. Puppy Sad-Face: As your dog wakes up on Christmas morning, with a mischievous look after most-likely having a run-in with Santa’s cookies, how sad would it be to see your dog realize that amidst the toys and gifts for your family under the tree, and all of the stockings hung on the mantle that his name is nowhere to be found?

3. Cost Effective: Shopping during the holidays can be overwhelming, and easy to overspend. Getting your dog a stocking is a great way to include your entire family in the festivities, without having to break-the-bank.

4. Your Pets Are Your Kids: Buy a stocking. Fill it with their favorite toys. Take a picture. Post it on our Facebook page so the world knows that this is true.

5. What? No Pumpkin Pie?: Since your dog may have indulged in a little pumpkin pie recently, treat him to a stocking filled with wholesome and nutritious snacks and treats.

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