Dogs Have Allergies Too!

We are living in a day and age now where food allergies seem almost as rampant as the common cold around the holiday season.  Whether it be due to environmental factors, dietary preferences, or medical necessity, there has been an increased demand for foods that are gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, soy-free, preservative-free, nut-free... the list goes on and on, and dog treats are no exception.

Finding hypoallergenic dog treats can be quite a challenge, especially frustrating when all the nutritional information sounds perfect, only to realize there is only one ingredient that won't agree with your dog and his or her digestive system.  So, what if you could choose the ingredients that would go into your dog's treat?  That's where Smart Cookie comes in.  

YOU pick the ingredients for YOUR dog, based on THEIR needs.  Making treats at home can be a mess, and very time consuming, so use our Treat Chooser, select the protein, carb, fruits & veggies that are specific to your dog's diet, and they will be freshly handmade and shipped to your door.  Not only do they taste delicious, and dogs love them, but they are full of wholesome human-grade ingredients, sourced from local farms whenever possible.  No "Made in China" treats here!  Our dog treats are proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Does your dog have trouble breathing, itchy-skin, paw-chewing, or hair-loss?  It could be due to a food allergy.  We have all heard dogs shouldn't have chocolate or avocado, but no wheat? No eggs? No common animal proteins? That sounds like crazy talk, but it's not.  Studies show that over 30% of allergic reactions in dogs are caused by food allergies.  So what is an allergy?

Unlike an intolerance which is a lack of particular enzymes to help break down food, an allergy is your immune system's "overdrive" response to what it thinks are foreign invaders in your body.  These foreign invaders are proteins, which can be found in gluten (protein produced when wheat is broken down and digested), or even in common animal meats.  Your body, or your dog's body send in the immune system to attack the "invaders" and that can cause an inflammatory response such as itching. 

Novel proteins, all-natural ingredients, and carbohydrates like oats have been shown to reduce inflammation and will not trigger allergic responses... So, what will be in your dog's next treat?  Blueberries? Salmon? Oats? Barley? Click here to see our favorites. Your dog will thank you.