Crunchy or Soft Dog Treats? Which Ones Are Better?

Dog treats often pose something of an ethical dilemma to parents. How much is too much?  How unhealthy are they? Should I make my pup work for their treats?

Let’s be honest—not all dog treats are created equal. Sure, your dog might like some treats or brands more than others, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily better.

Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel on Unsplash

“Better” dog treats need to have three important qualities:

  • They need to be low on junk ingredients.
  • The fewer the better. Zero? Ideal.

  • They need to be delicious.
  • Else, your dog wouldn’t go near them.

  • They need to serve a function.
  • When used wisely, treats can be used to supplement a healthy diet for your dog, and to train them better.

    Then there’s the obvious question of texture. Crunchy / hard treats or soft / chewy treats? Believe it or not, they can both serve different functions in your dog’s diet.

    Should I get crunchy treats for my dog?

    Depending on the brand, crunchy treats are great for when you want your dog to pace themselves. They’re a great way to keep them occupied, or for things like helping them get used to their crates.

    Crunchy treats are also great for your dog’s teeth, as they help them stay sharp and clean.

    At Smart Cookie Barkery, our crunchy treats are designed to go a step further, and help you with specific goals in your dog’s overall health.

    Our Hip + Joint Treats are ideal for senior dogs, and help maintain mobility, movement and overall bone health.

    The Skin + Coat Treats are made specifically to maintain the natural sheen of your dog’s coat using all-natural ingredients, aiding skin regeneration and suppleness for longer.

    Finally, within our crunchy treat selection, our Endurance Treats are crafted to increase stamina in dogs who love the outdoors and play time.


    Should I get soft and chewy treats for my dog?

    Soft and chewy treats are great for quick rewards, especially when you’re trying to train your dog. They’re usually smaller for easy snacking and tend to have stronger flavors and smells as compared to crunchy treats in order to get the attention of your dog better when you’re out and about. 

    Because dogs tend to eat more of these faster, it’s imperative that they be healthy. 

    At Smart Cookie, our Rabbit + Pumpkin Treats are huge favorites (dogs love pumpkins too!) because of their hypoallergenic profile and novel protein composition.

    Our Trout + Apple Treats contain a healthy mix of lentils, fruit and Idaho-raised trout that make them worry-free treats for dogs of all ages. Finally, our Wild Boar + Sweet Potato Treats and our Duck + Squash Treats round off our soft and chewy treat offering, giving dog parents a wide range of choices to balance their pups’ diet and training.


    About Smart Cookie Barkery

    Our handcrafted dog treats are made in small batches out of our kitchen in Golden, CO, using  100% real ingredients sourced exclusively in the US.

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