Grain-Free Dog Treats Sampler Pack - NEW!

We are excited to now offer a new grain-free dog treat variety pack! While we are fans of functional grains in a dog's diet (not all grains are bad!) we do know that feeding your dog a grain-free diet is very popular, so we wanted to make it easy for you to find your favorite Smart Cookie grain-free dog treats!

Check it out - we've included 3 of our best selling treats in this grain-free sampler pack:

The Sports Dog: Endurance (made with Beef, Quinoa, Carrots & Cranberries!) - 8oz
Salmon + Quinoa + Green Beans & Blueberries - 8oz
Rabbit Jerky - 3oz

Shipping is FREE when you order the grain-free sampler pack. So what are you waiting for?!