Smart Cookie Dog Food Toppers - They're Here!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new and innovative Dog Food Topper product line, available May 1st 2021.

The new Smart Cookie Dog Food Toppers are unlike any other topper out on the market today.  “We want to celebrate mealtime with your dog.  With the ever-growing demand for ways to personalize your dog’s diet, these toppers give specific mealtimes that extra special boost.” says Scott Bradley, co-founder of Smart Cookie Barkery.  This line of toppers is not only unique in its mealtime-focused, ingredients, and bright simple packaging, but also their texture and functionality.  “These toppers contain everything from finely ground mushrooms and seeds to chunks of freeze-dried meats and dried fruits and veggies.  This unique texture allows the toppers to coat the kibble or wet food well, so dogs won’t just pick out the toppers from the food, like a lot of the other meal mixers on the market” adds Bri Bradley, co-founder of Smart Cookie Barkery. 

Perfect for picky dogs, boosting nutrition, or just as a special treat, Smart Cookie's new line of toppers is a truly innovative way for pet parents to celebrate mealtime traditions with their dog.

Smart Cookie’s Dog Food Toppers are handcrafted using carefully sourced ingredients including freeze dried raw meat and fish, dehydrated fruits and veggies, and superfood seeds like chia, hemp, and quinoa.  All of the ingredients are raw, dehydrated or freeze dried to maximize nutrition.  These Food Toppers can be served as-is or rehydrated.

Available in 4 recipes:

Breakfast Dog Food Topper
Crafted with sustainably sourced cage-free eggs, rolled oats, fruits, nuts and seeds. Rise & Shine!

Dinner Dog Food Topper
Made with freeze dried raw beef, veggies and sweet potatoes.  Dinner Bell!

Veggie Dog Food Topper
Vegan-friendly and loaded with veggies, mushrooms, and turmeric.  Mama always said ‘eat your veggies’!

Superfood Dog Food Topper
Freeze dried raw salmon, greens, seeds, and turmeric – Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, oh my!

Smart Cookie Barkery Dog Food Toppers are available in a 15oz bag, approximately a 30-day supply with recommended feeding guidelines.