Smart Cookie Releases New “Regional Bites” Product Line

Smart Cookie Barkery is excited to announce the addition of their “Regional Bites” product line to the company’s acclaimed handcrafted, artisanal functional and jerky dog treat collections.

Smart Cookie’s Regional Bites are meticulously handcrafted dog treats using carefully selected ingredients sourced from specific USA regions.  This new product line features regionally sourced single animal proteins, a soft texture, the highest-quality novel ingredients, and a limited ingredient list.

Coming to you in 3 recipes:

Rocky Mountain Trout + Apple
Trout from the icy waters of Idaho paired with sweet tree-ripened apples

Central Lowlands Rabbit + Pumpkin

Lean Missouri rabbit and velvety pumpkin come together in this tender, bite-sized, hypoallergenic treat

Texas Hill Country Wild Boar + Sweet Potato

Wild Boar from the rugged Texas hill country fixed with nutrient loaded sweet potatoes

“We are proud of our authenticity” says Bri Bradley, co-owner of Smart Cookie.  “Not only can you see each ingredient in our treats, but they taste great, even to humans!  Our treats are literally crafted by hand, and you can tell the difference.”    “Our new Regional Bites product line meets our customer’s demand for softer treats, and a transparency and dedication to where ingredients are sourced from” adds Scott Bradley, co-owner of Smart Cookie.

Smart Cookie Regional Bites are available online and at pet specialty retailers.

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