Smart Cookie’s Cyber Monday Savings

If you missed out on our Black Friday sales event, don’t worry. We’re back with our exclusive one-day-only Cyber Monday sales event. Let the treats flow!

Buy More, Save More

Just for today, we’ve got exclusive discounts for you on all our treats where you can save up to 40% on online purchases. Here’s how much you can save:

Save $20 when you spend $75 with code CYBER75 (26% off)

Save $50 when you spend $150 with code CYBER150 (33% off)

Save $80 when you spend $200 with code CYBER200 (40% OFF!)

Not sure what to buy? We’ve got you.

Here are some of our most popular treats. Read on to see why Smart Cookie customers (and their pups) love them so much:

1) Rabbit Jerky:

Rabbit jerky is a “novel protein,” which means it’s relatively new to dogs and contains all the nutrients they need. It’s been exploding in popularity among dog parents recently because it’s easily digestible, hypoallergenic, rich in essential vitamins and amino acids, and is great for your dog’s immune system.

Our rabbit jerky is also available as training treats for young pups, and is one of our most popular products.

2) Food Toppers

Great for parents of fussy dogs, our food toppers are a smart way to supercharge kibble with essential nutrients. Unlike traditional food toppers, our toppers blend perfectly with kibble and are very difficult to pick off. Not to mention, they’re delightfully delicious. Choose between breakfast and dinner food toppers, or add some much needed veggies to your pup’s diet, or take it to the next level with our superfood topper.

3) Variety Packs

If you’re new to Smart Cookie, or are torn between what to get your pup, our suggestion would be to try a variety pack. It’s a great way to sample some of our bestsellers and also to get a sense of what your dog likes. Whether it’s experimenting with a variety of food toppers, or seeing which functional treat they enjoy most, or even mixing up different proteins from our soft and chewy treats—you can’t go wrong with these.

Why buy now?

This is your chance to save up to 40% on your purchase. Our Cyber Monday sales event is on JUST FOR TODAY, so snag your favorites while they last. Don’t forget to use the right code at checkout (scroll up!). Remember, Smart Cookies save more!