Smart Cookie’s Guide to Making Thanksgiving Dinner for Your Dog

Thanksgiving is almost here, and you know what that means—your dog making puppy eyes at every single person at the table, hoping to join in on the feast. If you’re lucky, they’ll politely sit at someone’s feet hoping to catch a few scraps. Meanwhile, the less lucky ones among us have witnessed robberies in broad daylight off the kitchen counter or dining table.

Dog begging for thanksgiving dinner

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But it doesn’t always have to be that way. We want your pups to enjoy Thanksgiving as much as you do, and so, we’re sharing our exclusive, super-secret, probably patented Thanksgiving recipe for dogs. The best part? No extra prep required besides what you’re already making for Thanksgiving. (PS - if you’re a “no green beans” family, SCANDALOUS!)

Sam, our resident Golden and CTO (Chief Tasting Officer) at Smart Cookie, has personally vetted this recipe and can vouch for it. We all know how grateful we are to have our pups in our lives. So, this Thanksgiving, let’s spoil them a little!

Dog looking at cooked turkey


Prep Time - 5 mins

Serving Size - 1

What you’ll need:



Keep your dog out of the kitchen so you can surprise them later. Use some treats as bribes.

Chocolate lab licking his face

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Put aside 2-4oz of the turkey you’ve prepped and chop it fine.

(Note: if you’re not sure the ingredients in the turkey are good for your dog, you can also just cook some lean ground turkey in a skillet with olive oil on medium to high heat).


Do the same with 1-2oz of the green beans you’ve prepped (again, if you haven’t, SCANDALOUS!)

PS - You can also just cook green beans for about 10 mins till they’re tender and then mash them. Or substitute them with other veggies your dog likes.


Mix the turkey, green beans, pumpkin and broth (feel free to use any broth that your dog loves). Embellish with other proteins too, if you’d like. Finally, top off with Smart Cookie’s Veggie Food Topper for extra taste. To give the meal even more of a nutrient boost, substitute the veggie topper with our Superfood Topper.


Find your pup’s favorite bowl, and when it’s dinner time, SURPRISE THEM with the most delicious meal of the year! 

Dog with thank you card in mouth

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We’d love to know how your pups responded to their Thanksgiving surprise. Also, we haven’t thought of a name for this dish yet. So, if you’ve got any ideas, tell us in the comments!

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