Smart Cookie’s Guide to the Best Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

Halloween’s a week away, and you’re scratching your head thinking of costume ideas. Maybe you’re headed to a party where there’s a prize for the best-dressed pup. Maybe you’re headed to a Halloween-themed bar where your dog could potentially win you free drinks and apps. Or maybe you just want to show up your neighbor’s dog, Pickle, who tried to steal your dog treats last week.

If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place for inspiration.

But before we dive into the fun part, a quick disclaimer from the Smart Cookie team—your pets are not toys. We know you’re eager to share their cuteness with the world, but please remember that their comfort and safety comes first.

With that said, let’s jump into our top 4 picks for costume ideas this year. There’s always classics like Chucky from Child’s Play, or Pennywise the clown from IT, but for this list, we’re focusing on topical costumes—things relevant to pop culture in 2022.

House of The Dragon

HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel has been capturing the imagination of fans all over, and this time, there’s waaaay more dragons on the show. Pick something simple like this piece from Hyde & Eek! Boutique, or even quickly put together something on your own, using inspiration from Lia Griffith.

house of dragons dog costume

Image courtesy: Hyde & Eek! Boutique on

House of dragon dog costume idea

Image courtesy:


Demogorgon from Stranger Things

Stranger Things S4 dropped this year, and was arguably the best season after the original. Show up to your party with a cute little demogorgon dog with this simple piece from Etsy. Bonus points if you dress up as one of the original cast! (Team Dustin for life.)

demogorgon stranger things costume idea for dog

Image courtesy: ThatCraftyFriendShop on Etsy


Rooster from Top Gun: Maverick

Your wingman for life deserves a proper celebration. We love this one from IcecreamtreeStudio on Etsy.

Pro tip: Pick a solid Maverick costume for yourself, and you’ll have people going: 

🔥 Goodness, gracious, sweet balls of fire! 🔥

maverick dog costume idea

Image courtesy: IcecreamtreeStudio on Etsy


Everything Everywhere All At Once

If your pup doesn’t like dressing up, or you want to keep it nice and simple without missing out on all the fun, add a couple googly eyes, and you’ve got a costume from one of the best movies of the year.

Googly Eyes from the movie Everything Everywhere All At Once

googly eyes for dog costume

Image courtesy: MondoLlama on

Some food for thought

Halloween can be a stressful time for dogs with all the noise, commotion and the sheer amount of people they meet. Add to this other dogs in costume who may or may not be stressed themselves, and you’ve got a challenging night ahead of you. Make sure your dog is hydrated, well fed and has got its exercise in for the day. We recommend keeping a pack or two of our Rabbit Jerky Dog Treats, or our Functional Treat Sampler Pack on you throughout the evening. This will keep your dog focused, content and better equipped to enjoy the night with you.

Have a spooky Halloween!

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