What are Food Toppers for Dogs?

Food Toppers are a great source of protein, good nutrient boost, and an awesome way to get your dog interested in their boring kibble, not to mention a healthy way to spice up their breakfast and dinner.  If you have a picky dog – rejoice.  Food Toppers for dogs to the rescue!

If your dog is like our Sam, the Chief Tasting Officer, then getting them to eat their food is no problem.  However, there are lots of reasons to use Food Toppers for dogs!

While there are several food toppers or meal toppers for dogs out on the market, we have two that are our favorites, crafted by yours truly. 

Our classic Food Toppers are made with nutrient rich protein sources like rabbit, salmon, chicken and beef with enticing and healthy ingredients like peanut butter, quinoa, flax seed, and carrots. 

Our exotic protein recipe Food Toppers are made with novel proteins like rabbit, trout and wild boar.  These Food Toppers are grain-free and have great gut-health ingredients like pumpkin and sweet potato.

Our Food Toppers are a crumb-like texture, so sprinkle as much or as little as you like on your dog’s food.  Depending on the size of your pup, we recommend anywhere from a tablespoon or two to a ¼ cup.  Pro tip: Feel free to sprinkle it on dry, or make your dog’s meal super special and mix in a little chicken stock or fish stock for an added bonus.

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