What are Functional Treats and Why They Might Be The Way For Your Dog

Our dogs love treats probably as much as we love our dogs. As parents, we’re always thinking about ways we can treat smarter and healthier. After all, traditional dog treats aren’t made with the greatest ingredients. And giving out too many treats often comes with its own set of health and behavioral problems.

But what if there was a way to make treating your dog not just a healthier activity, but a more purpose-driven one?

dog holding thank you card

Photo by Howie R on Unsplash

What are functional treats for dogs?

Functional treats are designed to go beyond the “reward” nature of conventional treats. They’re dog treats that come with specific health benefits and can be used to supplement an existing healthy diet for your dog.

At Smart Cookie, there’s no spelling “functional” without “fun.” Hence, our functional treats aren’t just healthy, but they’re also incredibly delicious and mindfully made, balancing a solid taste profile with nutritional essentials within each pack.


What kind of functional treats does Smart Cookie Barkery make?

Our treats are handcrafted to address health concerns that we’ve heard most from our customers:

If you love running your hands through your dog’s shiny coat, and are looking for ways to maintain that natural sheen, these treats might be the way to go. Made primarily with Alaskan Salmon (a novel protein known for its nutrient-dense qualities), our Skin + Coat treats also include a healthy mix of flax seed, cranberries, carrots and peanut butter. They’re also rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which stimulate fur and skin growth, and regulate metabolism.

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As dogs get older, weak joints become one of the primary inhibitors of free movement and activity. Our Hip + Joint treats are designed keeping senior dogs in mind, but are also great to introduce into younger dogs’ diet to help maintain bone strength and flexibility as they get older. The primary ingredient here is free-range chicken, combined with rolled oats, green beans, lentils, flaxseed and blueberries. Knowing that parents of older dogs are more particular about their pups’ diets, these treats are consciously crafted for sensitive stomachs and are anti-inflammatory.

dog hiking with smart cookie endurance treats

If you love the outdoors and live an active lifestyle, you want your dog to build up the endurance and stamina to support you on your adventures. Our endurance treats use all natural beef with quinoa, carrots, peanut butter and lentils to provide your dog with the extra edge and energy needed for regular movement. These are especially good for puppies to build muscle and stamina from a young age.

What’s so special about Smart Cookie Barkery’s dog treats?

Our dog treats are handmade by real people every day in small batches in our kitchen in Golden, CO. They’re made with 100% real and functional ingredients with no fillers, wheat, corn, soy, or additives, whatsoever. And while that covers the healthy part, our speciality is treats for picky dogs, and treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs. All of our products are also thoroughly tested and vetted to ensure maximum taste and quality.