What Your Dog REALLY Wants for Christmas

Speech training buzzers are the closest we’ve come to establishing linguistic parity between dogs and humans. And yet, no amount of words can span the range of canine emotions and feelings. 

Thankfully, we’ve been in the business of making dogs happy for a decade, so we know a thing or two about what they really want.

As the holidays approach, we put the in-house scientists at Smart Cookie to work (led by our Golden, Sam) to create the definitive list of what dogs REALLY want for Christmas. 

Backed by science (and treats), here’s our top 5:


1)More Cuddle Time

To quote the iconic Frank Loesser, Baby It’s Cold Outside. You can’t expect your dog not to snuggle up to you constantly in the winter, especially since you’re now spending more time at home, and less time fussing over them. They can sense there’s a lot going on around the house, so they need to be reassured that they’re your number one.

In fact, take a break right now and go cuddle with your dog. We’ll wait.

Photo by Cynthia Smith on Unsplash


2) Less cuddle time with other dogs

We get it—you’re hosting a bunch of people and they’re bringing their dogs over. Some of them are even your dog’s friends.

But could you please not shamelessly give them belly rubs or talk to them in your “special” voice in front of your dog? 


Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash


3) More food

On the one hand, we feel bad for all the poor pups who’re constantly smelling all the delicious Christmas cooking, while all they’re getting is the same old kibble.

On the other hand, we believe that dogs can enjoy healthy and tasty dog food without having to resort to the heavy, starchy food that we usually cook.

Our reco? Add some of Smart Cookie’s dog food toppers to your pup’s kibble to make it a brand new meal. They’re loaded with essential nutrients, are absolutely delicious, and mix in great.

Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash


4) More treats!

Your dog does so well to help you with holiday prep. They offer sagely advice on gifts, go along with you on shopping trips, and make do with shorter walks when you’re busy.

That calls for some extra love. 

So, while everyone in the family gets an additional helping of the eggnog, make sure your dog doesn’t get left behind. Try a pack of our Rabbit Jerky.


5) Family Time

Finally, it’s not often that dogs get to meet their favorite people. Seeing everyone they love come together is a really special feeling for your fur babies. We often get caught up in the ceremony of the holidays and forget what it’s really about—the family we have, and the one we made along the way. So, make sure your pup gets to spend quality time with everyone.

Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash


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