Where do Smart Cookie Elk Antler Dog Chews come from?

Super cool story… ready?  Well first, bottom line: elk antlers are amazing chews for dogs.  We may even say they are the world’s best dog chews!   But more on that later…

Elk antlers are naturally shed every spring, and while many people may go in search of these beautiful naturally shed antlers on hikes on various mountain ranges, Smart Cookie elk antlers are specifically collected by the Boy Scouts of America which is the only organization that is allowed access to national parks such as Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone, Yosemite, etc.  to collect these coveted sheds.  Proceeds from these antlers serve as one of BSA’s largest annual fundraisers.

Why we love elk antlers as chews for dogs:

Smart Cookie elk antler dog chew

They last forever (well, at least several weeks or even months!), they are a great source of calcium, can help with tartar, bad breath, and can also keep your dog busy and entertained for hours.

Elk antlers are also completely sustainable as antlers are naturally shed every spring – these are not from animals that have been hunted.  These antlers are simply collected from the ground after the elk have naturally lost them.   Every year, bull elk grow a new set of antlers, and when the blood supply to them stops; they fall off their head, just waiting to be found to be loved by your dog!

Speaking of blood supply… elk antlers also make amazing dog chews because they are loaded with yummy nutritionally-dense marrow.  Dogs love gnawing on them trying to get at that calcium and iron-packed goodness.

We offer elk antler dog chews in a variety of sizes and whole and split varieties.  Split antlers work great for dogs who are light to moderate chewers, may have sensitive teeth, or who have never tried an antler before.  Reason being: the marrow is already exposed and instantly attracts the dog to start chewing away.  Whole antlers work best for the most aggressive chewers as it will take longer to ware down the outer part of the antler to get to the marrow inside.


As with any dog chew, we highly recommend keeping an eye on your dog, and once the antler becomes too small to be safe, take it away from your dog.

Enjoy nature’s best dog chew!