Why You Should Celebrate National Cat Day With Your Dog

Okay, we know what you’re thinking—we’re a dog treat company. So, why are we weighing in on National Cat Day? Well, while the world celebrates all its feline friends today, we want you to take a moment with us and just appreciate how lucky we all are to have dogs in our lives.

No offense to cat owners, but we’ve compiled a comprehensive list on why dogs make for better pets than cats.

PS - Bentley, Smart Cookie’s CCO (Chief Cat Officer), doesn’t know we’re writing this, so please don’t tell on us 🙃

Dogs are great sounding boards

Ever had trouble making a decision about something? Flipping a coin is so 2021. Run it by your dog. Our favorite method is to put dog treats in each hand, flip ‘em over, and then get your pup to pick one. Decision made.

Meanwhile, the only thing your cat is interested in listening to is if it’s time for a second dinner.

dog selfie with dog tongue out

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash

Dogs are excellent life coaches

Okay, they may not be certified, but it’s hard to argue with the fact that dogs provide the single greatest source of positive affirmations on the planet. We all know that feeling of staring into our dogs’ eyes and hearing loud and clear, “I love you no matter what.” 

Pure bliss.

dog owner hugging golden retriever

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Great Road Trip Buddies

Dogs love the outdoors. And cars. And going places. And saying hi to other humans and pups. If you’re a fan of driving around the country, this one’s hard to argue with. Dogs are low-maintenance travel companions.

Cats will at most go with you from the kitchen to the bathroom.

dog hanging out the window of the car

Photo by Niki Sanders on Unsplash

Lifelong Friends 

There’s a solid reason why the adage “A dog is a man’s best friend” exists. It’s a universal phenomenon. Dogs love you for who you are. Cats hate you for who you could have been. It’s not rocket science to figure out which one makes for a better friend.

child hugging husky dog

Photo by __ drz __ on Unsplash

They’re Arguably Huge Foodies

Wouldn’t you rather hang out with someone who loves to try new (dog) cuisines? Dogs are culinary adventurers, just like humans. They like rabbit jerky, they like elk chews, they like duck treats. They like crunchy stuff, they like soft and chewy stuff. You get the gist.

Cats are notorious for being fussy.

puppy at food bowl eating

Photo by 龙 赵 on Unsplash

They Love To Dress Up

Dog couture is real and exploding. Today, your pup can be as stylish as you, and their fashion can get tails wagging and zoomies going on every walk. 

Good luck getting your cat to wear anything other than a disapproving frown.

two dogs dressed in costumes

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

To sum it up

Go show your dog how much you appreciate them today. Spoil them a little if you can. Take them to their favorite park, walk them a couple minutes longer, or give them a few extra treats. It may be National Cat Day, but let’s let our pups know that they deserve all the love.

Disclaimer: If it wasn’t obvious, this article is not meant to be taken seriously. We absolutely adore cats too. Why else would we make our irresistible cat food topper, and bonus eye candy: here's Bentley (CCO) and Sam (CTO) snuggled up together/being BFFs

dog and cat sleeping next to each other