Your Dog’s New Year’s Resolutions

All of us at Smart Cookie Barkery hope that 2023 is off to a great start for you! 

We’re feeling kinda optimistic this year. January always brings a chance for a fresh start and new opportunities. There’s a spring in our step and a smile on our faces. We’re taking our dogs on slightly longer walks, and being generous with treats. We even have a whole list of new year’s resolutions that we’re excited to forget about in a month.

But that’s all about us. This is about YOUR dog. That’s what excites us the most for 2023—making sure your pup lives their healthiest and happiest life. So, toward that goal, we’ve put together what we think are your dog’s new year’s resolutions. Fact check us on Instagram or tell us which ones you think are most accurate.

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION #1 - Make more friends

Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

Making friends as an adult (dog) is tough. Making friends as a pup is even tougher. But we’re hoping that all the good boys and girls get more play time with other dogs this year. 

And if you’re nervous about your dog around other dogs, carry some training treats with you. Reward them when they play well or listen to you right away. That’ll help establish the rules of playtime better.

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION #2 - Interrupt more work calls

Photo by Pavel Herceg on Unsplash

As a dog, life is too short not to spend on your parents’ laps. Especially when they’re on work calls over Zoom. So, here’s hoping that the new year is full of cuddles and face licks, whether that’s during a virtual presentation at work, or just an evening on the couch.

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION #3 - Try new things

Photo by Marek Szturc on Unsplash

Nobody epitomizes the spirit of “never say never” more than dogs. They’re curious, inquisitive, and down to chew on virtually anything.

So, let’s put that curiosity to good use and help them expand their palate. Whether it’s by adding more vegetables to their diet (like this healthy veggie food topper), or by exploring other protein sources like rabbit meat or duck meat.

Who knows? You might find your dog’s new favorite meal in 2023.

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION #4 - No more vacations for parents

Photo by Isabel Vittrup-Pallier on Unsplash

As we start to put the pandemic in the rearview mirror, more and more families are making up for lost travel time. That means getting a dog sitter or even doggie hotels. Needless to say, not all dogs are huge fans of that plan.

So, our advice—expect your pups to put up some stiff resistance to your travel plans this year. Be prepared for lots of puppy eyes made in your general direction.


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