Elk Antler Dog Chews

Elk Antler Dog Chews

10-$40 Sizes Vary

Elk Antler Dog Chews

What makes elk antlers SMART...

Bottom line: elk antlers are amazing chews for dogs.

They last forever, are a great source of calcium, help with tartar, bad breath, and can keep dogs busy and entertained for hours.

Smart Cookie elk antlers are naturally shed.  These are specifically collected by the Boy Scouts of America.  BSA is the only organization that is allowed access to national parks (i.e. Rocky Mountain National Park, Yosemite, etc.) to collect these sheds.  Proceeds from these antlers serves as one of Boy Scouts of America's largest fundraisers.

Elk shed their antlers every spring, so they are completely sustainable, and no harm comes to any animal as they are collected after they have already naturally fallen off of the bull elk's head.  

Elk antlers are a natural product, therefore they come in all shapes and sizes and will vary.  There are both split and whole antlers.  Split antlers are best for dogs that are light to moderate chewers, or who have never tried an antler before.  Whole antlers are best for more aggressive chewers.

As dogs chew on antlers, they will eventually get smaller and smaller.  Please always keep an eye on your dog with any chew, and once it becomes too small to be safe, take it away from your dog.

Enjoy nature's best dog chew! 

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The perfect chew!
Good, but expensive
Hi Justin! Thank you so much for your review and feedback - we appreciate it! Please email us at woof@smartcookietreats.com to discuss more... We always recommend whole antlers vs split antlers for aggressive chewers, simply for the reason you explained. Whole antlers tend to last much longer because they have to work through the hard exterior to reach the deliciousness inside, which is much softer (filled with calcium, collagen, and yumminess!)
Best Bone in Town
Love the Elk Antlers